Agencia de Viajes en Santa Marta
Agencia de Viajes en Santa Marta
Agencia de Viajes en Santa Marta
Agencia de Viajes en Santa Marta
Agencia de Viajes en Santa Marta

If you are an adventure and nature lover, Tayrona National Park is the ideal destination for you, enjoy exciting hikes through ecological trails that connect you to the best beaches of Santa Marta.

The Tayrona Park is located in the city of Santa Marta in the department of Magdalena and is one of the most visited natural parks for tourism in Colombia. the Sierra Nevada de Santa MartaThis tropical paradise offers a perfect combination of crystalline yellow sand beaches, lush jungles and unique biodiversity.

In addition to its natural beauties, the Tayrona National Park also houses important archaeological remains of the ancient Tayrona culture, explore the ancestral trails and discover Koguis and Wiwas indigenous settlements.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the Tayrona Park in Santa Marta; explore, discover and marvel at this natural treasure that captivates travelers from all over the world.

Tours in Tayrona Park

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in one of Colombia's most impressive destinations? Our tours in Tayrona Park will take you to explore this natural paradise, whether you are interested in hiking, enjoying crystal clear beaches or nature tourism, we have the perfect plan for you.

PRICE TOUR: $250.000

Concha Bay Beach Santa Marta

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WEDDING (2 PAX): $5'440.000

Indigenous Marriage in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

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PRICE TOUR: $215.000

Playa Cristal Santa Marta

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How to get to Tayrona Park

Remember that Tayrona Park has 3 main entrances that you can access, so it is important that you determine which destination you wish to reach within the park and that you check the schedules and availability of transportation before you leave.

entrada el zaino tayrona

Entrance to the Zaino Tayrona Park

This access to Tayrona Park is located in Cañaveral, only 40 minutes from the city of Santa Marta by private vehicle, cab or bus.

El Zaino is one of the main entrances to the Tayrona Park, visited by local and foreign tourists, and is the main point for hiking activities from the cane field to Arrecifes and Cabo San Juan.

In El Zaino Tayrona, you will find travel agencies, transportation, restaurants and accommodations with amenities that will allow you to enjoy your experience to the fullest in the Tayrona National Park.

entrada calabazo tayrona

Entrance Calabazo Tayrona Park

This entrance to Tayrona Park is located in the village of Calabazo, only 30 minutes from the city of Santa Marta by private vehicle, cab or bus.

The entrance to Calabazo Tayrona is one of the most difficult accesses to the natural park, since the route to the beaches through this sector is very distant and steep, as far as trekking is concerned (5 hours).

Along this trail in the Tayrona Park you will visit tourist beaches such as Boca del Saco, Nudist Beach, Cabo San Juan and the Natural Pool. Through this Calabazo entrance, you will have the opportunity to connect with the essence of Tayrona Park in an authentic and less crowded way.

playa cristal tayrona santa marta

Neguanje Tayrona Park Entrance

This entrance to Tayrona Park is located in Palangana, only 25 minutes from the city of Santa Marta by private vehicle, cab or bus.

The Neguanje entrance is one of the busiest accesses to the Tayrona Park, since this point is the access to tourist beaches such as Chengue, Gairaka, Neguanje, Playa del Amor, Playa Cristal and Cinto.

Neguanje is an entrance to Tayrona that can only be accessed by private car, cab or motorcycle cab; our tourism agency can arrange tours, transportation and lodging in this sector.

Best Beaches of Tayrona Park

The Tayrona National Natural Park offers a variety of spectacular landscapes, from white sand beaches and crystal clear water fringed by palm trees to rocky cliffs that plunge into the Caribbean Sea, each beach has its own unique charm.

Cabo San Juan Beach

Cabo San Juan is one of the most visited beaches in Santa Marta, located in the heart of the Tayrona Park, this destination is a paradisiacal place that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for locals and foreigners.

Cabo San Juan can only be accessed by boat from Santa Marta or by trekking from the Zaino or Calabazo entrances.

It is a beach in the Tayrona Park that is surrounded by rainforest and coconut palm trees; there is also a rocky cliff with a hut that has one of the most impressive ocean views in Santa Marta.

playa cabo san juan del guia

The Natural Swimming Pool Arrecifes

La Piscina Natural is a very beautiful beach in the Tayrona Park, located in the Arrecifes sector, very close to Arenillas, another outstanding beach in this natural park.

This beach is ideal for tourists to bathe in peace, since it is surrounded by a system of stones that serve as wave breakers and do not let the sea get complicated.

To get to this natural pool of the Tayrona Park, you must trek for about an hour from Cañaveral or if you do not like walking so much you can go by boat to Cabo San Juan and walk 40 minutes to reach this beach.

la piscina natural arrecifes tayrona

Neguanje Beach

Neguanje beach is also known as the largest bay within the Tayrona National Park, a treasure that has it all in terms of beach, sun and biodiversity; this destination is ideal for snorkeling and is also the starting point for ecological hikes to beaches such as Cinto, Playa Cristal and Gairaca.

The main attraction of this place in the Tayrona Park is the Neguanje beach and the attention of the local people, a family of very helpful and attentive natives who will make you feel at home during your vacation.

In the surroundings of Neguanje you will be able to observe many ecosystems and part of the ancestral history of the Tayronas, archaeological ruins and deep marks of the guaquería that was practiced more than 50 years ago and that marked all the surroundings of the bay.

playa neguanje parque tayrona santa marta

Playa Cristal Santa Marta

Playa Cristal Santa Marta is a tropical paradise in the Tayrona National Park, with its crystal clear waters and soft white sand, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the destination without thinking about anything else.

Playa Cristal is one of the most impressive beaches in Colombia, it is an excellent place for snorkeling and diving, as its waters are home to a coral reserve that houses many ecosystems and marine species.

You can only get to Playa Cristal by boat from Neguanje (10 min) or if you like adventure, you can take the 25 minute walk along the coast; you will find in this beach good food, a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

playa cristal tayrona santa marta

Cinto Beach Santa Marta

Within the Tayrona Park, we find Cinto, a hidden beach that stands out for its small number of tourists; its waters are crystal clear and its sand is golden.

Cinto Tayrona is one of the best beaches in Colombia, ranked as such by tourists from all over the world, it has a large natural reserve and coral area ideal for snorkeling and diving lovers, since its rich underwater life offers an unparalleled experience.

Cinto is the largest beach in the Tayrona Park and is very well preserved, since it is located within a natural reserve and the daily carrying capacity is 60 people; most of these visitors arrive in sport boats or yachts.

If you wish to spend the night in this paradisiacal beach of Tayrona, you can find accommodation in rooms, tents or hammocks, but it is important to make a reservation in advance, since this beach is located in a very remote area.

cinto tayrona santa marta
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