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WEDDING (2 PAX): $5'440.000
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2 Days / 1 Night

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Daily Tour

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2 people


Indigenous Marriage

About this tour

Celebrate your marriage in a Wiwa indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we specialize in romance tourism, standing out in the specialized service in indigenous marriages that offers a unique experience, where you can unite your love in a sacred environment and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

We work in collaboration with the Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kogui indigenous peoples, we design authentic ceremonies, we plan your indigenous wedding in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with respect to the customs and beliefs of the ancestral peoples; our indigenous guide will accompany you during the ceremony process, making sure that every detail is in harmony with the traditions and sacred rituals.

This type of indigenous marriage is very intimate, only the couple is present joining their vows in the middle of nature with the Mamo, surrounded by majestic mountains and the soft sound of the river flowing harmoniously.
The spaces for ceremonies have been carefully selected to offer you an unparalleled natural setting, where you can connect with the spiritual energy of mother earth.

In addition to this type of ceremony, we also offer more comprehensive wedding planning and coordination services in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or the Tayrona ParkWe will make sure that every aspect of your special day is perfect; from the indigenous-inspired décor to the traditional food prepared with local ingredients, we will take care of all the details so that you and your loved ones can enjoy this unique experience.

By choosing our services you will not only be creating lasting memories, but you will also be supporting and preserving the traditions and culture of the indigenous communities. Each marriage celebrated with us contributes to the sustainable development of these communities and the recognition of their invaluable cultural heritage.

Let us be part of your love story and let the magic of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta become the setting for your indigenous marriage. Contact us today and find out how we can make your dreams come true and provide you with an unforgettable wedding experience in this ancient paradise.


  • Indigenous Cosmovision: Indigenous and ancestral marriages are impregnated with sacred rituals that symbolize union, blessing and connection with nature and ancestors.
  • Local Support: Indigenous communities value the participation and guidance of their leaders and Mamos in marriages; their presence and ancestral wisdom add a level of spiritual depth to the ceremony, providing blessings and advice for the journey they begin together as a couple.
  • Dances and Traditions: Music and dance are fundamental elements in indigenous marriages; traditional songs and rhythms accompany the ceremony, creating a festive and spiritual atmosphere.<br>
  • Connection with nature: Weddings with indigenous people usually take place in sacred and significant environments for the community, such as rivers, waterfalls or mountains.
  • Traditional gastronomy: Traditional food and beverages are an integral part of indigenous marriages. You can enjoy authentic dishes prepared with local ingredients and recipes passed down from generation to generation.
  • Spiritual connection and deep meaning: One of the highlights of indigenous and ancestral marriages is the opportunity to experience a deep spiritual connection.
  • These ceremonies honor ancestral wisdom and connection to the land, giving you the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of marriage and your relationship with the world around you.


  • Transportation to and from your place of lodging.
  • Wiwa Indigenous Guide during the whole experience.
  • Ancestral ceremony with the Mamo Wiwa of the indigenous community.
  • Decoration with tropical flowers.
  • Cultural Experience in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Visit to the ancestral Matuna waterfall.
  • Food during the tour.
  • Exhibition of Wiwa Dances and Handicrafts.
  • Lodging in a private cabin at Gotsezhy Lodge.
  • Entrance to the Wiwa indigenous reservation.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Bottle of water and additional beverages.
  • Souvenirs or handicrafts.
  • First Day Breakfast.
  • Expenses not specified in the plan.
  • Ceremony service in a language other than Spanish, this service can be requested in advance and will have an additional cost.

Plan Duration

2 days - 1 night

Tour Category

Indigenous Marriage

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This Wedding is designed for 2 people

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WEDDING (2 PAX): $5'440.000
From: $2.720.000



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